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Dr. Dias Owes First Responders An Apology

This is long overdue. Dr. Dias and by extension, the entire National Executive Board of Unifor owes first responders an apology.

A little background would be helpful to understand why Dr. Dias is culpable of idiocy. Back in September there were many protests against vaccine mandates occurring outside of hospitals. The writer personally knows many people who attended these protests. Many of them were first responders and medical professionals. To say that healthcare workers faced harassment on their way to work and protesters blocked or impeded hospital entrances is a sheer fantasy perpetrated by Unifor (whatever you say Jerry) journalists who couldn't survive without a $600 million buyout. Of course wherever there is a protest, agitators will come, and it is with the actions of a few a whole group is demonized. It is important to understand that these were not anti-vax protests as Dr. Dias falsely claims, but they were anti-vaccine mandate protests and there is a big difference. It seems that the talking heads at Unifor are incapable of distinguishing between the two or maybe Disingenuous Dias has rightfully earned his moniker. To label these protests anti-vax is to label the protesters anti-vaxxers and this is demeaning and dehumanizing language used to divide and conquer. A union should have no part of it. It is to be especially noted that a large percentage of these protesters have been vaccinated many times in the past. It's just this one particular vaccination that they have a problem with. To repeat, for those that are slow of hearing, yes we are referring to you at the National Union, these protesters are the the farthest thing from anti-vaxxers you will find.

Throughout this so-called pandemic first responders have been put on a pedestal by Unifor. On September 30, 2021 the all wise, all knowing, pontificating president of Unifor, Jerry Dias called on the Ontario government to enact legislation to ban protests that they don’t agree with and disposed of first responders that he doesn’t agree with. Of course these do not include any protests approved, organized and endorsed by Unifor. Let’s examine some of the contradictions of the king of contradictions. First Dr. Diaz states “anti-vaccine protests not only put the health and safety of our members, but the entire community at risk.” Just responding to this one sentence could take an entire article. Could Dr. Diaz explain how anti-vaccine protests and Black Lives Matter protests differ? He condoned the Black Lives Matter protests and even spent member's dues on Black Lives Matter T-shirts to signal his virtue at auto negotiations. Is it just anti-vaccine protests that put people in jeopardy? How is it that social justice protests are safe? Can Dr. Dias explain the scientific principles behind how the virus differentiates between different protests?

Furthermore Dr. Dias says “these Covid heroes have sacrificed so much for the betterment of society and I have a group of people intimidating them while working is unacceptable. Our Covid heroes deserve better.“ Which Covid heroes is he referring to? It's certainly not be heroes outside protesting vaccine mandates. They have now officially become disapproved by the all mighty doctor, painted in the language of an enemy combatant, demonized and dehumanized.

If that wasn't enough drivel for one press release, Ontario Regional Director Naureen Rizvi, one of many Dr. Dias mouthpieces is quoted as saying, “The toll that the pandemic has had on the mental health of Frontline workers is unimaginable.” Can Nurse Naureen explain how the toll that dismissal due to vaccine mandates doesn't affect the mental health of Frontline workers? Readers of her quoted statements could be forgiven for not knowing this because there is no acknowledgement of it in her statements. Where does the mental health of those discharged for failure to comply with vaccine mandates rate on the scale for Nurse Naureen and Dr. Dias? It seems not to register at all. Does it just seem that Unifor doesn't care about the mental health of healthcare professionals that want to make their own health decisions? Why does Unifor not care that medical procedures are being forced upon healthcare professionals against their will? Why does Unifor not care to listen to its members that have a different opinion and perspective than the talking heads at the NEB? We'll leave the reader to come to their own conclusions.

In closing, the protests in front of the hospitals were attended in large number by medical professionals, the same ones Dr. Dias and Unifor used to call heroes. Now that they have chosen something for themselves that Unifor doesn’t agree with they are painted with the dehumanizing label of "ANTI-VAXXERS." These first responders are anything but anti-VAX. Most of them have received many vaccinations, but these tens of thousands of medical professionals have reservations about this particular vaccination.

These healthcare professionals are still heroes in our books. Dr. Diaz, Nurse Naureen and the entire National Executive Board owe these true heroes an apology, but don't hold your breath.


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1 Comment

Nov 13, 2021

The hypocrisy of our so called “leader” is never more apparent than right now. He looks, walks, and talks like a politician….

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